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Today leek growing is a highly professional industry with many different leek varieties available. Growers must ensure that they choose the correct variety for the period the leek is required for, and that the variety suits the product needed by the consumer.

In recent years, in additional to traditional breeds, several leek hybrids have been developed and are growing in popularity. By cross-pollinating two different types of leek, it has been possible to improve many of the vegetable’s characteristics such as colour and length, resulting in a top quality vegetable reaching the consumer on the supermarkets’ shelves.

The Hybrid range from Nunhems fits all markets. Today, selective breeding has improved the quality of leek seeds, increasing the breed’s germination percentage and resulting in a uniform seed size, which is easier to drill.

With nine hybrids, covering the whole season, Nunhems is the main supplier of leek seeds worldwide. Each year the company invests several million Euros in its leek breeding programme. It produces seeds at its state-of-the-art facilities in the Netherlands, where they are cleaned, processed, checked and packed – while more than 20 hectares is set aside for leek breeding, including selection, bolting and disease trials.

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